Independent Researcher – Conferences & Workshops

Armineh presenting a workshop in Yerevan, Armenia

In recent years, I have taken opportunities to present my research at national and international academic conferences, one example being the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference (2017). I have delivered workshops to the Equality and Diversity Committee at the University of Hull (2014), and at a Student Health Conference (2016) addressing a large number of attendees.

The intention behind these workshops has been to raise awareness of the barriers faced by Disabled students generally, and Disabled international students specifically, throughout their university life and to offer guidance for professionals and institutions. 

In addition, I have given lectures and delivered workshops at the University of Lillehammer in Norway (2015), and the State Pedagogic University, Yerevan, Armenia (2017), on various aspects of my PhD research findings. I have used these chances to network and promote my work effectively, and have gained national and international recognition for my academic contribution in the field of inclusive education.

A complete list of my presentations and workshops can be found at

Armineh presenting at the University of West Scotland

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